Terrys Tiny Testicle Emporium - Terry's Tiny Testicle Emporium

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There's this place that I would like to warn everyone about. Terry's Tiny Testicle Emporium. It's absolutely the worst. The owner, Terry, is a douche-bag, and has very small ***. I know this, because he tries to display how big they are, with each and every post on here, yet only comes across as a pathetic, stinky, dumb-a$$ douche-bag.

Terry thinks you all like reading his posts, but alas, he lives in a fantasy world.... probably driven there by some strange mental illness which was onset due to the lack of testosterone in his system by simply having blueberry size nuts.

Anyway, if you see Terry, who says he's not Sally, but dresses like her, so it's hard to say... go ahead and punch the old douche-bag right in the phat phucking phace! He's a lame a$$ loser, with extremely small balls.


Slatina, Olt, Romania #71907

You guys have real class, I bet your mothers are proud of you


But fear not, I will be here watching the complaints and yes putting my two in the face of all those that read what the real truth is and that is "TAKE some responsibility"


As the owner of Billy's Big Balls Boutique, I can attest that Terry has very tiny testies.Ya'll should come on over to my place for some really big balls.

I've got them on special.

You can handle them all you want.I think you'll be impressed.

Sorry Terry, but people simply don't want your tiny two's!

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